You are a lion and your business is a cub.

The Cub Promo was created to close the gap and bring high quality video production services to small businesses at a price point they can afford.



1x 15s video
5x photos
3x behind-the-scene videos
1x revision


Extend to 30s


Like a typical TVC!

Motion Graphics


Add spice to your video!

Additional 2 Revisions


If you’re makulit.

Raw Files


Keep every frame. HDD excluded.


• For small businesses established 2017 onwards
• With combined social media following (FB and IG) BELOW 10,000.

For businesses that exceed the qualifications listed above, please send us an email at so we can customize a package for you.


Why 15s? Can it be longer?

With the short attention span of people today, a 15-second video is great to make sure they watch the whole thing. Perfect fit on Facebook Stories too!

If you really want it longer, you can opt to extend the running time to 30s with an additional cost.

Can you walk me through the entire process?


Connect with us and send a detailed description of your brand and products you want to feature together with the list of services you want to avail.

Let’s talk about your objectives and how you want your video to look and feel. We’ll share our ideas too and run through everything we need to pull off the shoot.

Once you are comfortable with the game plan, pick a schedule and deposit payment so we can block off a date for you. We can accommodate a maximum of 2 clients per day. Pick an AM or PM schedule.

Send in your products and additional props in our office in Tomas Morato CORNER SCOUT Castor St., QC and we’ll go straight to work.

Editing will start the next business day, and we’ll send you an unlisted Youtube link once we are done with the first cut. Take your time and consolidate your comments so we can apply that to the final video to be sent to you via a WeTransfer download link.

How long will this take?

From inquiry to submission of final video would take approximately 4 to 7 days depending on complexity.

Are we allowed to be there on the shoot?

For the safety of your family and ours, unfortunately, no.

What are behind-the-scene videos?

Just fun snippets of the production process. Your products in front of a full production setup. Lights, cameras and all. You can post these to your social media accounts to build hype for your brand’s video launch.

How many product variations can you accommodate per video?

3 is good to show variation and enough exposure time for each.

Do you only make food videos?

Absolutely not! We can shoot almost anything.

How do I send products to you?

You can arrange shipping or drop it off yourself to our office in Tomas Morato Ave., CORNER SCOUT Castor St.

Do you have props?

Yes. We’ll send you the list of what we have. But unfortunately, we don’t own everything. So, if you have particular props you want to use, you may send them in also.

Will you return the products I sent to you?

For perishables, no. Maybe we’ll eat those too once we finish with the shoot. For other products and props you sent to us, yes. You can pick them up a day after the shoot or arrange delivery. You’ll have to shoulder delivery fees though.

What music will be used? Can we pick pop songs?

We’ll use royalty-free music that would fit well with the look and feel of your brand. We can’t use pop songs due to copyright issues.